Two Bros Came Up With An Ingenious Way To Sneak Into Movie Theaters That’ll Kill Any Hope You Have Left For Humanity

There’s no more frustrating feeling in the world than waltzing up to the ticket taker at your local movie theater and being told you can’t bring the food you’re carrying inside with you. Really dude? I get that theaters make the bulk of their money from concession sales, but I’ve got half a plate of leftover pasta from The Cheesecake Factory that I couldn’t finish and my car is like six miles away – clearly I just ate there. In fact I’m more likely to puke Shrimp Fra Diavolo all over the back row of The Revenant than I am to buy popcorn considering the portion sizes over at TCF. Just let me through and we can all be friends, alright?

But trying to carry your friend, undetected and on your body, through a movie theater? That’s playing life on HARD MODE, but two Bros Matt and Bo managed to do it anyway by dressing up one as a giant fat guy and having the other pretend to be his belly:

Yes, in other words we as a society have gotten so fat that the above image raised no eyebrows at the theater Matt and Bo chose to visit. Not only did the two make it past the ticket booth, but they also made it past the ticket taker, the staff working the concession stand — literally no one said anything. Then again it would’ve sounded ridiculous if they had. “Excuse me sir, but do you have a second adult human being curled up in your belly? If so he’ll either have to buy his own separate ticket or vacate the premises, thank you.” Faith left in humanity? Negative 5 billion.