This Insane Avalanche Falling Onto A Small French Town Is Why Mother Nature’s No Joke


During these cold and dark winter months, I’ve always said that I’d rather have it snow and be dark and cold than to just be shitty out all day long as the sun sets before any of us even leaves the office.

This ridiculously insane avalanche falling onto the small French town of Bessans has me rethinking that, though, because, holy fucking shit, I couldn’t imagine the amounts of crap that would fall into my pants if I saw a wave of snow crashing down into where I live.

Just goes to show that Mother Nature really is a sneaky, nasty, bitch, sometimes.

I’m all for playing in the snow, but, nope, not if it ends up with something this crazy happening because of it. Thankfully, no one was injured.

[H/T Esquire]

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