Insane Woman Goes COMPLETELY Ballistic At Taco Bell, Tells Manager To ‘Suck Her Dick!’

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I am genuinely not a huge proponent of restaurant workers spitting in customers’ food, but in this particular case, I wouldn’t blame these Taco Bell employees if they spit in her Sriracha Quesarito, put pubes in her Volcano Burrito and jacked off in her Baja Blast.

A woman was going through the Taco Bell drive-thru and her order was taking longer than usual. So she waited patiently and played Candy Crush Saga for the few extra minutes. Just kidding! She went on a belligerent, screaming tirade that made me ask “Who would fuck this repulsive animal?”

Despite the raging shrieking and being verbally abused, the manager is a consummate professional throughout the cringe-worthy situation.

“We’re trying really hard, but we’ve only got three people in here right now ma’am. I’m really sorry about that.”

To which she replied, “Three fucking people? Guess what!? I worked here 10 years ago,” and then the rest of the audio is inaudible jibberish that just sounds like the cross between an wretched witch burning at the stake and Mrs. Crabtree, the detestable bus driver from South Park.

“Ma’am I’m really sorry, I can get you a free drink or something, but that’s all I can do really,” the manager apologized. To which the hateable bitch retorted, “Yeah a free fucking drink? How bout a free suck my dick!!!” Sorry lady, no one in their right mind wants to suck your dick, your clit or anything on your vile body. This woman’s screeching voice is a better birth control than any prophylactic.

Then an excruciatingly long 49 seconds into the video she FINALLY receives her food. She shows her appreciation by yelling, “FUCK YOU!!!” And she speeds off. Another satisfied customer.

How bad did this Taco Bell manager wish he was serving hungry, happy stoners.

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