This Look Inside Of A ‘Japanese Love Hotel’ Is Ten Thousand Times Weirder And Kinkier Than You Ever Expected

Many cultures have their own ‘love hotels’. In Panama, they’ve got something called a ‘push’ or ‘push button’, which is essentially a drive-in sex hotel that’s sort of built out like a garage. You’ll pay, drive up and press the button, then drive your car directly into your room for sex with the door closing behind your car for privacy. On the tiny island of Japan, the sex castle du jour is the ‘Japanese Sex Hotel’ and it’s pretty fucking bizarre.

These are tiny, TINY hotels that make up in luxury what they sacrifice in space. The YouTube channel Abroad In Japan got an inside look at The Hotelion, Sendai, one of Japan’s premiere sex hotels. I’ve posted about these in the past here on BroBible and I can’t really explain why my interest is piqued so my by these because I truly have zero interest in visiting one myself. They just seem cramped AF, and I can’t help but be a bit horrified by what that room would look like if someone were to take a blacklight to the walls and sheets.

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(h/t Abroadin Japan)

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