This Instagram Account Hilariously Depicts Any Corporate Dude’s Everyday Office Routine

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Corporate Bro (the main guy who acts in this account) is the true-life missing member of the ‘Workaholics.’ The dude’s comedic interpretations of the interactions, awkward moments, and team synergy sessions that all fall together to make up another day at the muthafucking office are on point. This aspiring actor’s gotta’ be teetering on the edge of full-fledged social media-driven internet stardom. And can we please put out a motion for him to at the very least get a guest spot on a new ‘Workaholics’ episode. The Creatine-guzzling-superhella-chill-slackerbaus salesman is ready.

Remember the Super Bowl last Sunday, and how you ended up an overnight resident at your buddy’s place, in supersloshed, whiskey shot-beer chase city long before Cam Newton combusted into a puddle of sourass post-game tears? And how you kind of had work the next day? These bros perfectly capture what I imagine a fair amount of you functional degenerates potentially successfully pulled off on Monday at your offices (a.k.a. artificially-lit prison cells).

One of my close brohemes from school used to work sales for a start-up after he graduated, and I imagine the poor, cold-call tasked bastard had a very similar reaction to this workaholic upon a successful sale. That shit’s rare as an empty frat dumpster that doesn’t smell like hobo piss from the local vagrants that went fishing for wounded Busch Light soldiers some time on a Wednesday morning. So you can be sure a homie’s about to break out some seriously hoodrat night moves when the victorious moment finally rolls around.

This is what runs through every bro’s brainium come team meeting time. Glad this guy acted the full thought process out in such an impeccably rehearsed manner.

That moment when your awkward slender mannish turd butler of a co-worker asks, ‘how was your weekend’:

Or when you’re dragged out on a work trip, but spend the whole time daydreaming bout that fantasy trip:

Check out the rest of Corporate Bro’s Instagold here. Warm round of applause for this dude’s fresh-faced, entrepreneurial go-getterism. Gotta’ love that comedic creativity!

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