Rowdy Youths Vandalize Random Cars, Instant Karma Shows Up When They Choose The Wrong Car To Mess With

Whoever believes there’s no justice in the world surely hasn’t seen this video yet. We’ve got a ragtag group of kids running through a neighborhood and slamming the hoods of random cars, because they’re young and bored, and probably just want to test the world to see what they can get away with. But then when they choose to taunt the unmarked impala with people sitting in it things go south for the kids in a heartbeat, they get served up a heaping portion of instant karma all as their friend films it from the sidelines.

Hopefully some judge didn’t throw the book at these kids, but gave them enough to sufficiently scare the piss out of them and teach them that walking around and damaging strangers’ property is simply unacceptable. The sheer look of ‘dafuq did we do?’ on those kids faces as they flip directions and try to run away is hilarious.

It also kills me a little that these kids didn’t immediately recognize the gravity of their situation. They saw the cops coming after them and thought it’d be a good idea to run the other direction? That they were somehow going to get away and not face additional charges for fleeing? Maybe if they ate some humble pie the judge would be more lenient in the future, but as their friend captured on video here these kids are anything but remorseful.