This Picture Of Six Chicks Sitting On A Couch Has The Entire Internet Mindf*cked

I’m a skeptic by nature. Whenever I see a headline on another website to the effect of ‘the Internet is losing its mind’ I go in expecting click bait, and 95% of the time it is, but not this time.

The picture below shows six women sitting on a couch, but the Internet can only find 5 pairs of legs. Even when the visible sets of legs are outlined in neon colors we can still only see 5 sets of legs. If this all sounds confusing, don’t fret, you’ll soon understand why people are buggin’ out over this picture. Make sure you look at the first photograph and then check out the second and third pics that have been outlined to truly see how confusing this is.

Up first, the un-edited photograph:

Count them up. Six girls. Five sets of legs. The missing legs, the missing pair that’s causing the Internet to collectively meltdown, belongs to either the second girl from the left or the third. It’s unclear who that second pair of legs on the left-hand side belongs to…Still confused? Let’s take a closer look:

Here’s the explanation of this photograph from Someecards:

The second girl’s legs are actually pointing toward the left, one leg is behind Girl #1, and the other leg is on top of Girl #1. This still doesn’t show where Girl #2’s second leg is, but it’s a start. Notice that ankle showing between the shoe and jeans on the yellow leg? Even if that is one of the missing legs, whatever is happening with Girl #2’s body is very strange.

It’s still unclear, so let’s check out the third pic:

The explanation of this pic is that Girl #2’s legs are on top of Girl #1, but that girl #2 is wearing jeans which have different colored legs. This is plausible, but not probable. When’s the last time (if ever) that you’ve seen jeans with different colored legs? I can’t recall ever seeing this, though I’m sure it exists somewhere.

The final explanation is the easiest one, that girl #3 has no legs. This answer’s too easy, too obvious, and thus I’ll choose to believe that one of them actually has their legs tucked inside of teh couch.

(h/t Someecards)