We Interviewed the Mayor of Bud Light’s Whatever USA

by 6 years ago

Bud Light

This weekend thousands from around the country will flock to Bud Light’s Whatever USA for epic shenanigans of all shapes and sizes. Since the BroBible team is #upforwhatever, we had a chance to chat with the Mayor of Bud Light’s Whatever USA about what to expect this weekend in Whatever USA.

In short? Fun, fun, and more fun. The only thing we’re throwing in our suitcase is sunscreen and our A-Game, since it’s the only thing we need.

What are the types of things that happen in Whatever USA?

It’ll be about 80% fun things. 15% crazy things. And 5% Miscellaneous/other things.

Whatever USA is founded on the basic principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Describe your personal ultimate pursuit of happiness?

Whatever USA is the sweet baby lovechild of happiness and spontaneous fun. The only way I can define happiness is for you to experience my town.

Whatever USA seems like a place where you “do it for the story.”What’s your favorite “do it for the story” moment?

I could tell you but that would be in clear violation of the code.

Is there a special technique to keep in mind for taking a selfie in Whatever USA? What’s the perfect strategy?

Pointing the camera at your own face always helps. If you can get something with flames or lasers in the background, even better.

There’s (probably) a pizzeria in Whatever USA. What kind of toppings are on their signature pizza?

Cheese and pepperoni. Let’s not overthink it.

If you could own a pet with magical powers, what would it be?

A telekinetic capybara.

Packing for Whatever USA is going to be a bit of a challenge. What should I bring?

Your A-Game.

There’s a saying we have: “Pics or it didn’t happen.” Describe a time you did something ridiculous that no one believed you because you were having so much fun, you forgot to take a pic.

After we elected our cabinet there was an incident involving one thousand exercise balls, a mountain, and gravity. Apparently there’s a video online somewhere.

What type of souvenirs will I be able to bring home from Whatever USA?

Keychains. Spoons. Keychain spoons. Novelty-sized pencil keychain spoon bumper stickers. And memories. All made in Whatever, USA!

Whatever USA is all about celebration. What would you signature touchdown celebration dance look like?

If you make it there, you’ll see it. Just stand back when it happens. No really, stay well clear.

Fill in the blank: Too much  _________ can be a bad thing. But not enough _______ can also be a bad thing.

Seven layer taco dip….seven layer taco dip!

Your political legacy is a great one. Do you think you’ll ever have a street named after you in Whatever USA?

Oh most definitely, one of the most glorious of streets. Thank you and all of them.

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