Guy Finds Invitation To Incredibly Exclusive Club At The Bottom Of His Store Receipt

store receipt


Have you ever paid for something at a store and before the cashier hands over the receipt they’ll blab on about going online and entering a contest or bring the slip of paper back in about 7 months for 1% off your next purchase? What do you usually do next?

If you’re like me (and I pray you’re not because I hate myself) you usually reply “ok fantastic!” and chuck the receipt in the garbage can outside the store exit.

Well, let this receipt be a lesson that the store doesn’t always clue customers in on the coolest offers. You’ve got to pay closer attention to the little slip of paper.

This Redditor was smart enough to read the bottom of his receipt and found an invitation to an incredibly exclusive club.

Naturally, the customer went around back and Kalib was a no show. He probably got fired for breaking the first rule of Shopper’s Club which is “don’t fuck with the printed receipts!”

[via Reddit]