The iPhone 6 Plus Is No Match When Shot With 14.5mm Artillery, But Man Does It Look Awesome In Slow-Mo HD

Everything looks better in high-definition and slow-motion, but some things stand above the rest. For instance, Kate Upton bouncing up and down in slow-mo HD is significantly better than balloons being popped in slow-mo HD, but that doesn’t mean that both don’t look awesome on camera. One group of things that looks better in slow-mo HD is explosions. Guns being fired in slow-mo HD, targets being detonated in slow-mo hd, all of that is something I could watch for hours. There’s something amazing about seeing the actual chain reactions of an explosion instead of just hearing it and feeling the shock wave.

Then breaking it down into animated GIFs so you can watch it over and over and over, that’s where your bread REALLY gets buttered. If it wasn’t clear, the video above depicts an iPhone 6 Plus being shot by 14.5mm artillery, and the contact explosion. Here it is once more in GIF:

If like myself you are a fan of explosions the I’ve got something that’ll pique your interest. A few weeks ago I interviewed The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we talked about his favorite explosions as well as a charity project he’s working on. Check out my interview here, because it has links and info on how YOU can write up a bucket list of things you’d like to blow up and then actually blow that sh*t up with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. No catch. Check it out.

via FullMag YouTube