iPhone 6S Leak: These Are Reportedly The First Images Of Apple’s New iPhone 6S



Honest question: why do people get hyped up about new phones? A new phone isn’t like a video game console where the newest model lasts at least a few years since new hardware pops up every year, and sorry I’m not made of money but these things are expensive. Like an iPhone 6 is something like $700 without a contract. Who the fuck has $700 to blow on a fucking phone every year? And according to Hype Beast via images from 9toMac, these leaked images of the new iPhone 6S don’t even look like Apple’s newest product will be that much of an upgrade.

…to be honest it’s looking a lot like its predecessor. According to user Mark Gurman, the major design changes will be internal, with some early indications pointing to differences in the mounting points inside the phone where the iPhone 6S’ logic board is set to lineup. The biggest change is apparently the addition of the Force Touch screen — similar to the Apple Watch — which would enable the iPhone to sense how hard you press your finger on the screen when swiping and tapping.

However, the camera cutouts and speaker grills and ports seem to look identical to those on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, though there’s no word yet on any changes in the camera and sound quality of the new release. The overall dimensions are also exactly the same as the iPhone 6 Plus.(via)

So the only thing that’s maybe different is how hard you have to mush your finger on the screen — wahoo. I’m siding with the peasants of the world who don’t bother upgrading every year on this one.







[H/T Hype Beast and 9toMac]