This iPhone Battery Hack Will Make Your Battery Last Up To Four Hours Longer



You could also, y’know, just turn off all the stupid crap app notifications you get that you don’t even pay attention to in the first place (Facebook, Twitter, Yik Yak, Instagram, etc.) but god forbid someone tags you in a photo and you don’t see it until the next day. Fucking pandemonium right there, in which case you can just put your phone into low power mode.

What is low power mode? It’s a standard setting in all iPhones running iOS9 that will extend your battery by up to four hours, however you have to switch it on manually. According to Boy Genius Report you’re able to switch it on when your battery hits 20%, however if you’d like to be in low power mode all the time all you have to do is go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. You can also ask Siri to make the switch for you, but no one actually enjoys talking to Siri so that’s really not an option.

As for what enabling low power mode does in order to save battery:

“Low Power Mode reduces your iPhone’s performance and cuts out some background activities,” the website explains. “For example, mail must be fetched manually, background app refresh is disabled, and motion and brightness are reduced. Benchmarks have shown the iPhone’s CPU performance with Low Power Mode on is significantly reduced in an effort to save on power consumption.”(via)

If your phone is charging low power mode will turn off automatically when it hits 80%, however you can swipe the notification on the home screen in order to turn it back on.

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