Is It Really Possible To Have TOO MUCH Sex? This Study Thinks So

too much sex


Call me crazy, but in my battered little mind there’s no way I could ever have too much sex, but not because I don’t believe this study’s findings. Which, once you read them, I’ll admit kind of make sense.

According to Psychology Today

So does having more sex really increase happiness? Or is there another explanation? The only way to tentatively infer cause and effect is to conduct experimental research, and that’s exactly what a set of scientists did (Lowenstein, Krishnamurti, Kopsic, & McDonald, 2015).

They recruited 128 couples between the ages of 35 and 65, all of whom reported having sex at least once a month but fewer than three times a week.* Couples were then randomly assigned to a control condition or an experimental condition. Those in the experimental condition were explicitly instructed to double their weekly sexual frequency. Happiness was measured via online surveys for three months after the experiment began.

Did more sex increase happiness? Surprisingly, no. In fact, increasing sexual frequency had the opposite effect. The researchers found a weak inverse relation: the group of individuals asked to double their sexual frequency were less happy than those who did not change their sexual habits.

They figure that the reason for people being less happy despite having more sex was due to the fact that rather than doing it spontaneously, they felt that they were doing it because they were supposed to do it. So why you have sex may matter more than how often you have sex.

Hmmm, so basically this goes against what pretty much everything thinks: the more sex you have the better, regardless of the reason. I may have to test this whole thing out to see if what they say is true. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can find someone to have tons and tons of sex. Could be awhile. Sorry.

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