Would You Look At This Weed The Islamic State Smokes?



We’ve done a couple stories about millennials quitting ISIS after they found the terrorist organization to be too difficult a group to work for, but it appears they’ve got a good reason.

The kush ain’t dank. The kush ain’t dank at all.

That above image, shared by Vice reporter Aris Roussinos, shows the Islamic State burning stockpiles of weed and cigarettes they found.

Would you look at that shit? That looks worse than the four way Chad promised to always get us in high school, before selling us slightly less bricked schwag for twice what it should have been.

That doesn’t even look like mid-grade. How would you get a buzz off that? I could stand over that entire fire and only leave with only a headache.

Fuck bombing ISIS. Let’s help them get bombed instead.

Because if anyone needs to take the edge off, it is those dudes.

[Via Gawker]