Millennial Quits ISIS After Finding Jihad To Be ‘Really Hard’

Kurdish Forces Occupy Ruins Of Sinjar After Liberation From Daesh

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This hasn’t been a great week for Millennials trying to disprove the notion that they are a whiny, petulant, entitled generation.

There was the Yelp girl, of course, and then a study which found cleaning a bowl of cereal was too exhausting for the under-30 crowd.

Now comes perhaps the most perfect poster child for Millennials, the girl who ran away to join ISIS, but quit after it was hard.

What? Seamless drivers refused to travel through Kurdish-occupied territories? Ubers occasionally wouldn’t show up after getting blown to pieces on their way? The Islamic State didn’t pay your salary through Venmo?

From the BBC:

A 16-year-old Swedish girl rescued from Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq has described life under the jihadist group’s rule as “really hard”.


The girl ran away with her boyfriend to join ISIS, although she claims he duped her into joining the jihadi group.

“First it was good together but then he started to look at Isis videos and speak about them and stuff like that,” she said in English, using the acronym of the previous name for IS.

“Then he said he wanted to go to Isis and I said ‘OK, no problem’, because I did not know what Isis meant or what Islam was – nothing.”


You didn’t even need to go look up what ISIS is at the library. You could have done this research from your couch. Hell, you didn’t even need to type. You could ask Siri, “What is ISIS?”

Last year, when she was 15 and pregnant, the couple left the Swedish town of Boras and travelled through Europe by bus and train until reaching the Turkish border province of Gaziantep. From there, they crossed into Syria.

There, she said, they were given a house which had no electricity or running water.

“In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, I did not have anything,” she said in the interview, looking relaxed and healthy.

“I did not have any money either – it was a really hard life. When I had a phone I started to contact my mum and I said: ‘I want to go home’.”

God. Is there anything kids these days won’t give up on when faced with the slightest bit of adversity?

[Via The Washington Post]