ISIS Releases Bizarre Training Video Of Them Playing Leapfrog And Kicking Each Other In The Nuts

When you think of the most elite fighting forces in the world you probably think of the U.S. Navy SEALS or the U.K.’s British Special Air Service (SAS) or Israel’s Sayeret Matkal, but we may have to consider ISIS to be a legit contender after seeing their new training video because their grueling fitness regiment includes touching their toes and playing leapfrog. Watch out world!

Daesh has attempted to put fear in the veins of every infidel around the globe with their new training video. However, it really only strikes panic in my testicles. In the bizarre footage, it show Islamic State fighters engaged in the most trying training that includes getting kicked and punched in the bollocks, playing leapfrog, doing sit-ups and jumping over a human pyramid that isn’t all that impressive compared to most college cheerleaders. Nice calisthenics guys, I think my mom does the same Denise Austin workout.

So remain vigilante and if you see a suspicious person touching their toes or attempting to leapfrog you, it’s best to get out of the area and make the authorities aware.