Terrorists Strike Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, 36 Dead And 147 Injured

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I am unfortunately rewriting a previous version of this article. Tragically, it can be confirmed that at least 36 people died and 147 people were injured following an ISIS affiliated attack that took place at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.36.53 PM (2)

At least one gunman who attempted to breach the airport’s security was compromised by police fire, moments before detonating his suicide vest like the coward he was.

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It appears two more cowards detonated their self-explosive vests as well, depriving the world of much more love than they could ever fathom in their dark hearts, while another counterpart may have been discharging a weapon as the horrific scene played out.

The original reporting of the story lies below, and will continue to be updated.


istanbul attack


While the nature of the attack hasn’t been confirmed by authorities, a terrorism act of some kind unleashed two explosions near security checkpoints at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport roughly an hour ago, and there have been also reports of gunfire near the airport’s car park.

Upwards of 40 victims were first reported to be injured as a result, but that number has since been reduced to 20. Tragically, Reuters is reporting at least 10 people were killed.

Istanbul’s Ataturk is Europe’s third most traveled airport, with some 61 million people passing through the hub each year. Reportedly, the U.S. had issued a heightened travel advisory for Ataturk on Monday.

Below are pictures from the scene, and I must warn, some are extremely GRAPHIC in nature.

Here’s some video captured by an airline passenger shortly after the blasts, and footage from an on-scene news report.

Multiple sources have spoken to the enormous level of security that Ataturk boasts.

As of now, all flights in and out of the Turkish hub are halted.

As are any flights to and from the United States to Turkey’s capital.

Any flights originally bound for Istanbul are now being diverted to Izmir.

We’ll continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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