This 20-Year-Old Girl Is A Dead Ringer For Ariana Grande, Looks Just As Hot, Is Much Less Annoying

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20-year-old Jacky Melissa Vasquez looks so much like Ariana Grande she’s fooled the singer’s fans and even Grande’s cousin.

Why? Well, the photo above is of the real Ariana Grande. The one below is of Vasquez.

Not seeing it yet? How about these two photos?

Here’s a little more of Jacky’s story, via The Daily Mail

Jacky admits that she regularly gets stopped in the street and fans have even asked Jacky to pose for a photo.

The waitress from Virginia said: ‘People started to tell me I looked like Ariana back in 2010 when she stared in Victorious on Nickelodeon.

‘Ever since then I realised how much I do look like her.

‘People stare at me in the street and I can sometimes hear her name being mentioned in stranger’s conversations because they think I’m her.

‘Ariana came to DC in 2015 and a so many fans asked for a photo with me, I was dressed just like her which didn’t help, but I was more than happy to pose for them.

‘I was amazed when she followed me on Instagram, she commented on one of my photos saying that her cousin thought I was her, I couldn’t believe it.

As for what Jacky thinks of all the attention she gets?

“Some people might get annoyed by all the attention but I am completely flattered when people say I look like Ariana, she’s a hardworking, talented beautiful young woman and I know so many girls would love to look like her.”

Damn right. Ariana Grande is the HARDEST WORKING 23-YEAR-OLD ON EARTH. At least according to Ariana Grande.

Here are a few more pics to blow your mind…

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