Keep Track of All Your Nights Out with Jägermeister’s New App, JägerBonds


You’re out with your bros. You’ve had a few shots of Jägermeister. The night turns out amazing—there was even a trapeze artist involved—but what do you have to show for it? The phone number of a girl and a few epic photos on your phone?

It’s time to get into a JägerBonds. JägerBonds is an app that allows you and your bros to take photos and videos of your night spent painting the town red.  At the end of your night with your bros, JägerBonds has collected the photos and videos, set it to music, and created a story of your night out. It’s a sweet way to remember the fun you had forever.

A couple of weeks ago, the BroBible team tried it out while enjoying Jäger and bar crawling in lower Manhattan. Take a look.

And Jäger has a treatment in store for any soon-to-be JägerBonds users: download the app, tweet your video to @BroBible, and opt in to our contest using a PunchTab link (directly below). What do you win? A trip to SXSW to party with the BroBible team at the Jager house, featuring performances by Riff Raff, Stalley, and Styles & Complete.

So download the app now. We’ll see you in Austin.

Also, the JägerBonds Launch Party will be held tonight at 8PM at The Raven in NYC, with a performance by Q-Tip. The first 25 people to tweet @Brobible with the hashtag #jagerbondslaunchparty will be added to the guest list.

Click Here to Review the Jägermeister JägerBonds SXSW Sweepstake Rules

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