‘Frozen Aquarium’ Backfires When People Are Horrified By Skating Rink With 5,000 Fish Frozen In The Ice

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Japan Frozen Aquarium

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I’m sure it sounded like a cool idea, in theory, but when Japan’s ‘Frozen Aquarium’ was debuted with over 5,000 dead fish (including stingrays) frozen into the ice skating rink it absolutely horrified visitors.

It’s pretty hard to wrap your mind around what it would look like to see this in person, with thousands of dead fish frozen into the skating rink, but this video does a decent job at depicting just how unstartling it is to see thousands of dead fish locked underneath the ice:

via NYTimes.com:

Two weeks ago, Space World, on the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu, opened an ice-skating rink that featured about 5,000 fish and other sea creatures frozen beneath the surface.
It was hard to quibble with the park for calling the rink “an unprecedented attraction.”
Yet rather than attracting more visitors, the Aquarium on Ice ended up alienating them. A public furor broke out on social media, with many accusing the amusement park of cruelty to animals.
“Why do they do such a thing of bad taste?” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Playing on the dead fish in the ice is nothing but insanity,” wrote another. “Isn’t it a desecration of lives?”

Japan Frozen Aquarium

YouTube / PatrynWorldLatestNew

Dead fish. Everywhere. Kids screaming. Women crying. This is how I imagine the debuting of this monstrosity in Japan. Absolute mayhem, with one salty ass fishermen in the corner wagging a cigarette at the screaming masses, mumbling something about ‘participation trophies’ in Japanese and the decline of society.

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