Japan’s ‘Macho Restaurant’ Promises The Finest Beefs Delivered By The Biggest Meatheads

The only surprising thing about this story is that the idea didn’t originate in America, home of beef and beef heads.

From the folks that gave us the Macho Cafe, comes this: the Macho Meat Shop. Hope you like your beef lean and muscular!

Located in Tokyo, the Macho Nikuya (“nikuya” can mean “butcher” or “meat shop”) is staffed by musclebound men who are prone to flex poses while serving up raw beef.

The idea behind the place is protein — they serve a variation of cuts and types of meat — served by dudes probably packing away hundreds of grams a day but…well…the desired customers are guys who eat a ton of protein each day but how many of those men want to be served a perfectly cooked filet by buff and shirtless Japbronese fellas?

The restaurant is only opened until next week or until the health department finds out.

[via Kotaku]

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