Jared Fogle Is Actually Suing The Parents Of One His Victims And His Reason Is Mind-Blowing

jared fogle suing victims parents

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I think former Subway pitchman turned convicted pedophile Jared Fogle really does want to die in prison. How else would you explain the balls on this guy?

As if getting $184,000 handed to him while in the can for doing absolutely nothing wasn’t enough for him, now he’s suing the parents of one of his victims.

Yes, you read that right. Jared Fogle is suing one of his victim’s parents.

Reports TMZ

Fogle’s suit targets the parents of a “Jane Doe” … who earlier this year sued him and his ex-employee, Russell Taylor. In his lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Fogle says the girl’s parents screwed her up when they got divorced.

He says they frequently fought and abused alcohol in front of “Jane Doe,” which caused her to suffer major depression and engage in “destructive behaviors” — including abuse of drugs and alcohol, self-mutilation and having suicidal thoughts.

Fogle actually thinks that the girl’s parents should be responsible for the claims she has made against him.

WOW. Is there a more delusional person on the entire planet than Jared Fogle?

Good luck on that next appeal, Jared. I hope it goes as shittily as your last one did, jackass.

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