Jared Fogle Just Won $184,000 Without Lifting A Finger, Proves Life Is Unfair And Good Things Happen To Bad People



Jared Fogle may be getting his ass repeatedly kicked in prison, in the midst of a lawsuit from one of his victims and possibly the thirstiest pedophile turned pen pal ever known to man, but did you know that he just won $184,000 by doing almost absolutely nothing? You don’t? Well…he did. And it’s just another way life proves that good things happen to bad people; that karma is simplyvanother made-up fairytale meant for angsty backstabbing middle school tweens.

According to TMZ, Jared’s sudden windfall comes from a legal victory over his old employee, Russell Taylor:

Fogle had sued Taylor over a $191,000 loan he gave him in 2014 to buy a house, but according to the docs … Taylor stopped making his monthly payments to Fogle in May 2015.

Of course, Taylor got busted on April 29, 2015 — the first domino in the whole Fogle case — so kinda makes sense he stopped paying. He was a little busy.
In any event, Jared just won the lawsuit, which means he can sell Taylor’s house to get back the $184,000 he’s still owed.(via)

Taylor, as we all know, is currently serving 27 years for child porn and child exploitation, while Fogle will be behind bars for 15. Neither of them will be using that money any time soon, obviously…but does Fogle REALLY deserve another “Win” under his belt right now?

Maybe we should be looking at this differently; more like as a big “Lose” for Taylor, who seems to be the scummier person out of the two.

But even with a “Lose” for Taylor that means that Fogle still technically gets a “Win,” and if you’ve read the text messages he sent to lure his victims, you’ll be a hesitant about handing that out to him as I am.

Let’s call it a draw at best.


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