Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Lampoons Political Correctness And SJWs With Ridiculous Thanksgiving Pageant


Jimmy Kimmel skewered social justice warriors and their virtue signaling with the first-ever “politically correct Thanksgiving pageant.” The now allegedly controversial story of Pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a meal together was altered to not offend the perpetually offended. “So we thought it might be a good idea to update the story of Thanksgiving to reflect our modern sensitivities,” Kimmel explained.

An amazing cast of extremely talented students from Edward James Olmos Elementary School tell this new version of this legendary tale.

“Please don’t applaud!” one of the elementary schoolers tells the audience. “It’s insensitive to people with no arms!”

“The place: Plymouth, Massachusetts. The year: 1621… if you choose to believe in the culturally oppressive Greco-Roman calendar,” the girl continued.

“I am cold and hungry,” one Pilgrim says. “Me too,” she replies, then adds, “But let’s not dismiss the experiences of all those who are not cold and hungry.”

The Thanksgiving feast, which of course took place in a safe space, featured “locally sourced” food and Tofurky.

The skit is so brilliantly done, yet echoes the sentiments of many, which is rather scary.

May your Thanksgiving be loving and without being condemned by your SJW relatives.