This Bro Crushed The Red Carpet At The Met Gala, And He Wasn’t Even Invited

And maybe he was actually, in fact, showing off his killer couture selections from his very own kitchen somewhere in Brazil.

Brazilian blogger João Paulo had some fun parodying all the absurd dress selections seen on the red carpet of the Met Gala on Monday night by recreating each piece of “fashion” using household items, and snapping the results for some Instagram comparisons.

Who wore it better you ask? Well that’s a hard one to discern.

Among the styles that Paulo emulated were Taylor Swift…

And the bodacious Nicki Minaj.

As well as Rihanna…

And the drop dead gorgeous Kate Hudson.

You know he didn’t pay near as much for the same dress as GiGi Hadid…

And to be honest, Karlie Kloss is probably a bit jealous of João’s curves.

I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? See, there’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars on gowns that will only be worn once! Just snag some trash bags, a few table cloths, and some tin foil and you’re set. DISCLAIMER: don’t insinuate this is a good idea for your girlfriend to try.

Obviously, the stunt was all in good fun, and it seems the feedback Paulo’s receiving is overwhelmingly deeming his fashion choices hilarious.

Maybe next year, he’ll actually get invited to the Met Gala. Swag.

[H/T SomeEcards]