Struggly Ass Gutter Bug Calls Joe Rogan Fat, He Scrubs The Stupid Off Her With His Washboard Abs

If you’re going to come at Joe Rogan with insults you need to at least come correct. Calling Joe Rogan fat is not only false, if you’re foolish enough to toss that shade his way it’ll probably blow up in your face.

I’ve covered the ‘Unexpected Thug Life‘ meme here before, and I felt compelled to cover it again today when I came across this one featuring Joe Rogan.

The man’s a freakish athlete, so why would this foolish woman think that hurling chubby insults at him would be apropos? Just wrong. But in the end she gets the heaping pile of ‘YOU GOT SERVED SMASHED POTATOES’ she deserves when he scrubs the stupid grin off her face with this washboard abs. Joe’s the man.

And yes, I’m obviously aware that the original video is VERY OLD. But the ‘unexpected thug life’ meme video is brand new, so I don’t care about your complaints of ‘SIMPSONS DID IT’.


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