The Battle For Worst In Westeros: Joffrey Vs. Ramsay, Who Sits On The Iron Throne Of Evil?

by 2 years ago

Ramsay vs. Joffrey, who ya got? Personally my pick is Ramsay. Dude chopped off Theon’s dick and tortured him into becoming a sniveling shell of his former self. That’s some dedication to being an evil brainwashing fuck right there! Joffrey? Not so much. Dude was a douche to Sansa and sure, he killed a hooker with a cross bow but that’s nowhere near as bad as Ramsay. Plus, Ramsay is an adult – he should know better. Joffrey was what, 14? 12? There’s a slim (“slim” meaning around .0003%) chance that he would’ve outgrown his sociopathic tendencies when he got older, whereas we know Ramsay grew up to be fucked in the head.

Ramsay: 1

Joffrey: 0

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