Journalist Gets Shredded For Saying Those Who Filmed The United Debacle Should Be Arrested

We heard some “hot takes” before, but Chicago journalist Dan Hensley just took the current lead in that department when he tweeted out that the passengers who filmed the United Airlines fiasco should have been arrested.

Hensley claimed on Twitter that the people who filmed the incident not only broke federal law but they also went against United’s policy regarding the recording of passengers or crew without their consent. (Show of hands… how many out there have taken a photo or video while on a plane without the crews or passengers’ consent? That’s what I thought.)

Seriously, this was the argument he is hanging his hat on with regard to a man being bloodied and dragged off of an airplane. That’s almost as tone deaf as the United CEO’s leaked email regarding the incident.

Needless to say, dozens of people on Twitter were flabbergasted at his remarks…

Amazingly, a few hours later, Hensley still wasn’t taking the L…

H/T The Daily Dot

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