Kaley Cuoco Just Made A Public Apology For That Offensive Instagram Photo She Posted On The 4th Of July

Kaley Cuoco is normally one of the darlings of the Internet as we’ve explained above, but on July 4th the Big Bang Theory star had fans turn on her after she posted a photo of what appeared to be an American flag laying on the ground, sitting underneath one of her dogs.

Now personally, I gave Kaley the benefit of the doubt – for all we know the flag was actually just a towel. Does it look like a flag? Yes, agreed…but who in their right mind is dumb enough to not only desecrate a flag, but broadcast it to the world as well? Apparently Kaley Cuoco is, oddly enough:



As with any celebrity fuck-up, Cuoco eventually issued the following apology over her Instagram account yesterday.

The 4th of July was on Monday, girl – you’re two days late:

Bit of an over-apology if you ask me, but whatever – can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your fans (and thereby your celebrity status) happy, right?

[H/T Metro]