Kaley Cuoco Did Something Disrespectful To The American Flag On The Fourth Of July And America Is Freaking Out


I’ll be honest: Normally Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram is one of our favorite celebrity Instagram accounts here at BroBible. Just watch the video above for why we love her so much.

But, over the weekend, while celebrating America’s Independence, she did something pretty stupid “for the ‘gram.” She violated flag code by laying Betsy Ross’s sacred symbol of freedom and independence on the ground so her dogs could sit on it. Then she snapped a convenient pic of her pups looking patriotic.

Not cool on the 4th of July, Kaley. Not cool ever:


Cuoco is usually beloved by the entire Internet. But yesterday the outrage from the Internet was almost instant. The folks over at Fishwrapper captured a few angry comments before she inevitably deleted the post:

Why the f–k is your dog running its a–hole on the f–king flag?!?! I get that your trying to act patriotic but this is definitely in VERY bad taste!!!

That is not a towel. I believe in the right to burn the flag in protest as long as it is in context, that’s why so many gave their lives, for freedom. But this is not that, this is simply disrespectful. That’s a flag. A symbol of what people have sacrificed.

That flag needs to be burned now. 

Big fan and I know you didn’t mean any disrespect but very disappointed that this pic is still up.

I thought you love your country but this ain’t love if you disrespect it’s flag by keeping it down on the ground … let me remind you that lot of blood was sacrificed just to keep the flag high … If you have lil bit of respect for it you should not only remove this picture but also apologize to the people whose feeling must have got hurt.

A reasonable person would say “my dogs look cute but having that flag there could cause a misunderstanding, I should take it down”  Do the right thing, please. You can put up lots of other pictures of your dogs looking cute.

Lots of folks are saying that the flag in question is a towel, but from our unprofessional opinion, it definitely doesn’t look like a flag. 

Uh-oh. Clearly just a brain fart on her part while in the spirit of the holiday. But still, millions have fought and died for that flag — It deserves to be more than a doormat for your dogs.

Fortunately she had a couple other patriotic ‘grams in her back pocket.

Did she redeem herself?