Amber Rose Just BLASTED Kanye West By Revealing The Name Of His Supposed Ghostwriter

Amber Rose gives -100 fucks and wants everyone to know it. From being basically naked in approximately 86.88884% of her Instagram photos to putting the Kardashians on blast 24/7, she knows how to get attention and press people’s buttons in the worst way.

Which brings us to this video of her putting her ex, Kanye West, on blast by telling everyone Travi$ Scott ghostwrites his songs. In the video she says,

“Stop playing n****s I used to fuck, stop, stop. Why don’t we play the n***a who writes his songs for the other n***a: Travi$ Scott. Let’s go. He writes his songs for the other n***a, let’s go.”

Whether or not what Rose said is true remains to be determined, but I don’t see why she would be lying. Girl knows enough dirt on Kanye just from dating him that I find this pretty credible.

[H/T Complex]