Watch Kayaker Narrowly Escape Vicious Great White Shark Attack

Petrifying video shows a great white shark attack a kayak in Monterey Bay, California. Diving instructor Brian Correiar was paddling in his kayak when he heard a loud “bang” and his kayak was launched into the air.

“I was sure I was done. It was like a horror movie,” Correiar said. “The shark came towards me, dropped the kayak, then dove straight below me where I couldn’t see it.”

He was thrust into the water as the shark attacking his 14-foot kayak.

“I heard a loud bang as my kayak and I flew into the air,” Correiar said. “I landed outside my boat, look back to it and to my horror saw a large great white shark no more than three feet away had my kayak in its mouth.”

Gene Mace Jr., who was on the shore, captured the crazy scene and his wife called for help on March 18.

You can see the shark thrashing in the water as it attempts to devour a kayak.

During his terrifying encounter, Correiar remembered all of his training on how to survive a shark attack including “don’t splash, don’t let your legs hang down, keep your eyes on the shark and swim away, don’t act like a panicked seal.”

“I scrambled away from my boat as fast as I could and started kicking towards shore – really wishing that I was wearing fins!” Correiar wrote.

Finally, a sailboat and then a Coast Guard vessel rescue Correiar right as the shark was near him.

Correiar credits his ocean and diving safety training, and experience in and on the water for surviving this potentially deadly situation.

People need to be aware that the ocean is a wilderness area, this naturally includes large predators,” says Correiar. “People need to be prepared for the environmental conditions and self-rescue if needed. I had exposure equipment, signaling devices and rescue classes.”

Here’s the video zoomed in.