Kelly Osbourne Tries To Call Out Donald Trump For Being Racist. By Being Racist.

by 3 years ago


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. What happened to you?? You used to be that badass renegade teenager with a chip on her shoulder who used to throw shit across the room and swear your tits off. I’d expect this out of the old you, but now you’re what: a fashion designer and a presenter on The View? How basic can you get?? You’re Ozzy’s daughter. The world wanted you to eat the head off of a bat and denounce your parents and possibly make a couple innocent trips to rehab. America loves an underdog. But instead, you have ZERO addictions and you subject yourself to talking about the pattern of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress on the red carpet? That’s no fun.

But Kel bursts back on the scene by being racist by trying not the be racist. I’m trying to decide if that’s the least racist someone can be or the most. Like someone who has no interest or no idea of the social temperature of an issue and just reducing an entire race into the “cleaning shit stains” profession. Granted, some Mexicans will do jobs the average American feels too entitled to do, and that may be what she was getting at, but until she bites the head off a bat, I refuse to forgive her.

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