Kelly Osbourne Tweeted Out The Cell Number Of Her Dad’s Alleged Mistress And It’s Biting Her In The Ass

While most celebrity marriages end in a tornado of fire coupled with a few earthquakes, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been married for 33 years – that’s right, they’ve been married longer than (most of) you’ve been alive. But after getting caught allegedly banging his hairdresser, Ozzy’s marriage was on the brink of collapse until Sharon was kind enough to take him back…for now.

So where does that leave Ozzy and hairdresser Michelle Pugh? Well, Ozzy’s balls are now in a vice grip and Michelle is fielding blows from the famous family. Kelly Osbourne, the youngest of the Osbournes, took to Twitter to publish Michelle’s cell number just for the sake of being vindictive:

The number has since been disconnected, but Kelly has left the tweet up for hours now, showing that she has no remorse or any intention of taking it down. Even if it made Kelly feel better about the whole situation, that doesn’t mean people on Twitter took too kindly to the famous daughter calling out Michelle so publicly:

In the meantime, Sharon Osbourne has reportedly visited several divorce lawyers, but has yet to file anything official.

[H/T Daily Mail]