Asia Gets The Best Fast Food: KFCs In Korea Now Have A Fire Double Down


I’m not sure if you are familiar with the concept of hot chicken, but you should be. It’s a Nashville, Tennessee delicacy. It’s perfectly fried fried chicken that is either lacquered in cayenne oil or dusted with spicy, spicy ground up hot peppers.

I am going to get some tomorrow at a spot in Bed-Stuy and I can’t wait.

But now KFC in South Korea has it, too. It’s the KFC Fire Double Down and it looks spicy as fuck. And it sounds fucking amazing. From Brand Eating:

The new KFC Fire Double Maxx, features two spicy fried chicken filets sandwiching spicy chili sauce, a slice of tomato, and a slice of cheese.

Oh, yea. I will eat that. It looks so beautiful in real life.


Now, if you remember, a few weeks ago, we informed you of the KFC Double Down Dog.

That was launched in The Philippines. So… what the fuck? This is some crap. America is the fattest nation. We should be getting the best fast food. Taco Bell is trying out new shit in the U.S. Why isn’t KFC.

I’m angry. And hungry.

[H/T Grub Street]