KFC Has Done The Impossible, They Created A Gimmick Even More Ridiculous Than The ‘Double Down’

KFC, the fast food leader in creating weird shit is back at it again. The Colonel’s company recently unveiled the KFC Scoff-ee Cup, an edible coffee cup made from biscuit, sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the cup crisp.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m also shocked that “heat-resistant white chocolate” isn’t my nickname. “I’m that heat-resistant white chocolate that you been hearin’bout, baby girl. I keep shit crisp” would be the first and only thing I’d need to say before chicks drop their panties.

Sadly, like the Double Down Dog, the KFC Scoff-ee Cup will not be available in the U.S.

According to Telegraph:

Created to mark the launch of KFC’s Seattle Best Coffee across its UK branches, the ‘Scoff-ee Cups’ are still in their development phase with plans to trial them at a limited number of stores later in the year.

We all know that company product shots always look better than the real thing — I’m looking at you Big Mac — but not the KFC Scoff-ee Cup. Just look how fucking appetizing this customer photo makes it seem.

Nope. Totally not gross-looking at all.