There Are No Winners When Adult Kickball Players And A Hipster Square Off Because They’re All Such Losers

If there are two groups of people I equally hate, it’s hipsters, and people who play adult kickball.

Both those pastimes are shameful. When they fight, we all win.

A Gothamist tipster sent this video in from McCarren Park in Williamsburg. Adult kickball players were upset a napping hipster wouldn’t vacate part of right field. She was upset, because well, who wants to be told what to do by people who play social sports.

Everyone here is such a loser. Our hipster, who won’t move a few feet to let people who rightly had ownership to the field she was in use it, and our adult kickball players, who lob curses at a sleeping lady.

She tells them to get a life, but let’s be real. They all need to.

[Via Gothamist]