Hahaha! Look At This Kid Cry Like A Little Baby When Karma Hits Him Out Of Nowhere

by 2 years ago

This kid thought he was a real badass by slamming his cart into the passengers in front of him. Then instant karma smashed him back even harder and made he weep.

First off, this ride is nuts. It allows the rider to control when their two-person roller coaster cart stops. The problem is that there is only one track and there are carts in front and back of you. It’s like putting bumper cars on a roller coaster, not that I’m complaining whatsoever.

Around the eight second mark the kid speeds up to bump the couple in front of him. While it’s a dick move to hit other people, that’s ALL I’d wanna do if I was on this ride. However, this kid gets a healthy dose of instant karma for his rear-ending.

When the couple stops, the little shit gets a taste of his own medicine when the cart behind him rams his ass. The impact causes the kid to jolt forward from the slamming carts and then cry like a little baby.


Especially since he isn’t paralyzed from the collision.

We need more dangerous rides like this in our lives.


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