Kid Suspended For Taking Asthmatic Classmate To Nurse But What Happened The Next Day Makes The School Look Even Dumber

A 15-year-old student from Killeen, Texas was suspended from school this week for physically carrying a classmate suffering an asthma attack to the nurse. The student reacted to his friend “choking on the floor” after his teacher told the class not to move while she “waited for an email from the nurse.”

After watching his classmate struggle to breathe for several minutes,Anthony Ruelas picked her up and carried her to medical attention. The school is taking issue with not only Ruelas’s failure to follow instructions but the way in which he reacted in the situation.

The teacher said in a statement: “During 5th period another student complained that she couldn’t breathe and was having an asthma attack. As I waited for a response from the nurse the student fell out of her chair to the floor. Anthony proceeded to go over and pick her up, saying ‘f—k that we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse.’ He walks out of class and carries the other student to the nurse.”

Alright, not the most civilized way to react, but the kid is 15 and just watched his friend flop around on the floor like a fish while his teacher kept hitting refresh on her Outlook.

A little background about Ruelas and the school — Gateway Middle School is “an alternative school in for students who have struggled with disciplinary issues.” In other words, Ruelas is already a rule breaker. But in this case his behavior was in helping a person in need.

To add insult to stupidity, the school suspended Ruelas for the infraction and then TEXTED HIS MOM THE NEXT DAY to ask why he wasn’t in class.

The girl was ok, thankfully, and texted Ruelas to thank him for coming to her aid.

[via KCEN Houston]

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