Watch Little Kid Take A Hammer To His ‘Indestructible’ iPhone Case And Will Ya Look At That! His Phone’s Ruined

The kid got what he deserved, simply no other way to put it. The dude wanted to play with fire, and he got burned. I’m glad he learned this lesson early because this is 89% of life. Trusting things will live up to your expectations but instead you’re blowing out birthday candles on your 28th birthday with no girlfriend and $17.62 in your bank account. Just an example. A specific, impersonal example. Would suck to be that guy. BUT, I digress. Bottom line is if you’re going to take a hammer to something, anything really, and you’re expecting that something to be good as new, you’re a dickface. Not saying young kid is a dickface, he’s too young and impressionable to be one, but if he did this when he was 12 or older, total dickface. Inexcusable and unforgivable.

P.S. The camera does lose site of the phone for a brief second after he puts it on the table. IS IT POSSIBLE that his comrade switched out the brand new phone with a shattered one? IF THAT’S THE CASE, this kid is a magician and he is definitely invited to perform at my 29th birthday party.

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