Kid’s Playground Evacuated Because A Squirrel Was Straight-Up Losing His Mind

The playground is a dangerous place — errant dodgeball toss, out of control double dutch performances, possible drug deals and now squirrels who’ve straight-up lost their fucking minds.

Multiple UK publications reported last week that a school playground had to be evacuated earlier this month after an “unusually aggressive” gray squirrel became too much of a threat

The Watford Observer reported that a rampaging squirrel went so far as to scratch a staff member at Chater Infants School, a primary school located in Watford, Hertfordshire.

To a young kid, a squirrel might as well be a pit bull, based on size alone. The best part of the story, besides the mental images of a squirrel holding a playground full of kids captive, is that the school is denying the reports.

A statement on the school’s website, however, says “no squirrel has ’caused havoc’ or ‘terrified’ children and media outlets of “greatly exaggerating” the event. No crazy squirrels? Oh, nuts.

H/T Huffington Post

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