Nothing More Embarrassing Than Getting Knocked Out, Except Getting Knocked Out In Slow-Motion

Technology makes your life easier, UNLESS you’re this kid in the blue shirt getting knocked out. Ten years ago, this kid in blue would have gotten knocked out and that would be the end of it. Maybe a hearty teasing by close friends, but for the most part he could pretend that embarrassing moment never happened. However those simpler times are long gone, now everything is captured on video, including the time you got your ass handed to you in a fight.

Now there are schoolmates sending him this video of him getting knocked the fuck out in glorious slow-motion and labeling it something deceptive like, “Taylor Swift Sex Tape.” This poor fuck could be on his death bed at the ripe old age of 94-years-old, and some dickhead will remind him that he got destroyed in a fight when he was 13-year-old, and he can’t dispute it because there’s a video.

Meanwhile the knockout king in the white loves technology, he has the video saved and ready for playback at a moment’s notice, and has a screencap of the knockout as the wallpaper on his phone, laptop and home computer.

Blue REALLY paid for going too high on that wild right punch, then the flailing backhand swipe opened him up for the knockout punch. Hold on let me watch it again.