Watching Two MAMMOTH Komodo Dragons Battle In Beastly Brawl Is The Closest You’ll Come To Seeing Dinosaurs Fight

Sadly, we probably won’t ever get to see dinosaurs in our lifetimes. Unless… SCIENCE PEOPLE FIND PREHISTORIC MOSQUITOS SAVED IN ANCIENT AMBER AND CREATE DINOSAURS!!! So without this technology to create dinosaurs we will never get to see an Ankylosaurus battle a Velociraptor. But we do have scary AF Komodo Dragons. And these two massive Komodo Dragons put on quite an epic fighting showcase.

Chris Bray, a photographer, adventurer and conservationist, visited Rinca, a small island in Indonesia. Rinca is near Komodo island, and also has ferocious Komodo Dragons roaming freely on the island. Bray captured a spectacular brawl between the two beasts.

Jurassic Park?! Just had one of the most amazing wildlife experiences of my life on Rinca Island – part of the Komodo Island group – and of course where the legendary Komodo Dragons roam free. It’s breeding season so apparently it’s harder to find the big ones this time of year but we were lucky enough not only to see a huge male Komodo Dragon, but then out of the blue came another one and right in front of me (and my conveniently placed @GoPro camera and my 360-degree Virtual Reality #ThetaS camera) these two huge dragons battled for dominance for about an hour, rearing right up on their hind legs, spitting venom, clawing and biting, blood and all… All less than 5m away!

Look! Those are fucking dinosaurs!

And they have poisonous saliva!


The Australian photographer has a front row seat to the fight between two 200-pound male lizards.

That was intense, maybe we don’t need to reincarnate dinosaurs after all. Maybe instead of scientists being so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.