The Women Of Korea Are Going Gaga For Pubic Hair Implants

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In the good Korea, this season’s hottest trend has emerged and it’s pubic hair implants for women, a procedure which starts at $2,000.

Pubic hair implants? Yes, pubic hair implants. The implantation of actual pubic hair into another person’s nether regions, because said person isn’t comfortable with the thickness of her/his bush.

I know, you’re shocked this isn’t a news story from Japan. How can this be the good Korea and not Japan? I do not have the answers to that. But as to why the good citizens of Korea are undertaking this bizarre procedure, well, we can certainly get to the bottom of that…

From Refinery29:

According to a study from the Arumdaun Nara Dermatologic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, 74% said they had gotten it done because of a “sense of inferiority to the same sex.”

According to the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors, an insufficiency of pubes (in otherwise healthy people) is a disorder called “pubic atrichosis.” A Korean clinic called Renaissance estimates that 10% of Korean women have it. Some even suffer from psychological stress as a result.

What does pubic atrichosis look like? If that region were a heart shape, just the tip would be populated in hair. After a hair transplant, you can start sporting a new shape: inverted triangle, diamond, shield — the possibilities are endless. The two most popular styles (with 87% of women choosing them), are the shield and the fan, according to a Korean blog run by a hair restoration clinic.

Interestingly enough, one of the first hair transplants ever was with pubic hair, in Japan. These days, the procedure starts at about $2,000, and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery reports that demand has increased sharply, to the tune of 160% from 2010 to 2012. While it only takes a few hours, it may take a few sessions for the hair to take root.

For more on that you can head on over to Refinery29 and read all about the weird pubic hair obsession taking place in the good Korea.


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