Idiot With A Death Wish Drives Lamborghini Over 200 MPH On A Highway Before Crashing It Into A Ditch



It’s absolutely incredible that the driver in this video is alive today. Hungarian Police have released a video of a man in a douchebag-green Lamborghini Huracan who pushed the car to 208 miles per hour on a public highway back in September. Not only was he putting the lives of himself and his passenger, who filmed the video at risk, but he was putting the lives of everyone else on the highway at that moment in serious jeopardy. He maxes at about 336 KPH (or 208 MPH) as you can see on the speedometer above before losing control of the supercar and taking a plunge into a ditch.

Speeds like that on a public road are just a death wish. The pics from the scene of the crash at the end are insane, especially considering that the two survived. According to Jalopnik, the driver is facing reckless driving and endangerment charges, but is not in custody yet.

I wonder how much insurance will cover? There has to be an out-clause for DRIVING A $230,000 CAR LIKE A FUCKING MANIACright? Or is this magnificent bastard the Hungarian Tony Stark, crashing Italian sports cars because lol money means nothing.