Here’s A School Of Approximately 6.9 BILLION Bluefish Swimming Together In The Waters Of NYC

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This is likely the largest school of young bluefish you’ll ever see. This school of millions and billions of juvenile bluefish was found congregating off of Staten Island last week and one local NYC fisherman captured all of this footage using 2 GoPros, a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, and his iPhone 6. If you’re looking to target easy bluefish then NOW is the time:

Honestly, I’ve witnessed massive bait balls in the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean and I’ve still never seen anything like that before. It’s like a slow-moving river of juvenile bluefish, all trying their hardest to not get eaten. Some of those fish are probably dying because they can’t even get oxygenated water due to the school keeping them afloat. It’s all quite mesmerizing.

I feel the need to say that If I was a bluefish and I was looking for a place to chill out as the waters get cooler and not get eaten by my cannabalistic relatives I’m pretty sure I could still find a better place to hide out than the polluted waters of Staten Island. I guess it’s a little harsh to call the waters surrounding Staten Island ‘polluted’, because most of the time you can eat what you catch around there. But if we’ve had any rain in the city recently and they’re flushing the New York City Sewer System then you’ll basically be hauling out fish covered in shit (and it rained multiple times in the past week).

Also, how does this qualify as fishing? This is the laziest excuse for fishing I’ve ever seen (not that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to do this myself):

UPDATE: Btw, I get that the schools on top are menhaden/bunker. It’s obvious just looking at them (not to mention the title of the video). As for ‘bluefish’ I was going off the person filming the video’s commentary, of the bluefish schools being present and driving up all those fish. I confused the shit out of that above, and for that I apologize.

[YouTube / Nick Kita]

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