A 17-Foot, 2,000-Pound Crocodile (The Largest In Sri Lanka) Was Found After It Was Trapped In A Canal

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Due to heavy rains and flooding, wildlife officials stumbled upon the largest recorded crocodile in all of Sri Lanka, a dinosaur weighing close to 2,000 pounds and measuring 17-feet in length. This crocodile is EASILY big enough to eat cows and people, heck, it could probably even take down a baby/juvenile elephant without breaking a sweat.

According to reports, this 17-foot-long crocodile (not to be confused with alligator) was found in a canal leading to the Nilwala river, and it’s believed to weigh almost an entire ton. The local news reports that the dinosaur-sized croc was in the area searching for food after heavy rain had changed the water flow patterns of the region.

After water levels had receded the ENORMOUS croc was too large to escape the canal on its own and wildlife officials were called in to relocate the largest crocodile in Sri Lankan history.

We all thought that huge alligator filmed on a Manatee, County golf course last May was huge, and it is gigantic, but that gator has NOTHING on this crocodile from Sri Lanka. I’ve seen some huge crocodiles in Costa Rica and Panama, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before:

Largest Ever Crocodile Sri Lanka

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