The Last Person David Bowie Followed On Twitter Before His Death Has People Freaking Out

David Bowie lost his fight against cancer earlier this week, and while celebrities have been coming out of the woodwork to share their memories of the famous musician, us peasants have been focusing on one thing:

The last person he followed on Twitter…

…plus everything else.

In reality, the last person Bowie followed on Twitter isn’t particularly important when compared with the rest of his resume, but it’s still a nice bit of serendipity:

According to Mirror,

The account he followed is for the musical An Act of God, which bills itself as “The new hit play from the creator of, well, everything”.

However the title name of the account for the play – which first hit Broadway in May last year – is simply ‘God’.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, Conan did an incredible job of collecting a bunch of hilarious David Bowie television clips to remind you that even though he’s gone, you should be thankful that you managed to be alive during the same time period he was.

[H/T Mirror]