Instead Of Just Burning Leaves, This Guy Decided To Blow His Up, And The Flames Were Insane

by 3 years ago

Burning piles of leaves is illegal in some states. No one ever said people couldn’t blow up leaves, though. Although that probably goes without saying. No one ever said “don’t drop a grenade into a pile of leaves either.” You just don’t. Plus, start at the source, with the fucking tree that just won’t stop dropping leaves.

I’m assuming this leaf explosion also had some gasoline involved. Possibly the world’s smallest jet burned below the yellow and auburn leaflets. Not sure.

Oh yeah, don’t try this at home. But I can’t stop you. If you do, send us the video. If you burn a neighborhood down, that’s on you. I doubt “a blogger told me to try it” will hold up in court. I’m not not telling you to do.

[via Some eCards]

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