This Guy Didn’t Learn His Real Name Until He Was Ten And How He Figured It Out Makes Him Look Even Dumber

Everyone remembers that one moment in school that essentially changes a person. It could be an amazing moment, an embarrassing moment, a frightening moment or anything that kicks a person in the psyche and says “this will hover over you forever.”

A Redditor named Sam had a profound and embarrassing moment in class. While none of his classmates saw it happened, it probably wrecked young Sam for a while. He’s probably still talking about it to a therapist all these years later. Today, instead of bothering his shrink with it, he posted it the Today I Fucked Up subreddit.

Here’s Sam’s story…

My name is Samuel, but until I was about 10 I didn’t realise this. Everyone had called me Sam all my life and that’s how I had learned to write my name. One day in primary school I was looking at the list of the class’s names in the wall (to have stickers and stuff put next too if we had done well in something) and couldn’t find my one. I did however see the name Samuel and started laughing as I had read it as if it was pronounced “Samool” and was looking around for the poor fucknuckle with that name.

Tl;dr I didn’t realise my name was Samuel instead of just Sam. Thought there was a kid in my class called Samool and felt bad for them.

Looks like you’re the fucknuckle, Samool.

[via Reddit]

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